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Electrical Services

Complete Service Change

Electrical Services in Lapeer & Davison, MI

From a new overhead service to underground entrance cables, new risers installed, remote services such as pole barns, garages, man caves, recreation rooms, etc. — we can do it all.

Service Panel Upgrade

Complete upgrades from old style "fused" panels, or old obsolete breaker panels to "Generator Ready" panels. These generator ready panels are great for "future" upgrade to an automatic standby generator system.

Generator Sales and Services

Generac factory trained electricians. Automatic standby and portable generators. Never be left powerless again.

Service Plans

Yearly maintenance and safety checks of your electrical system. Electrical fires every year kill hundreds of people and injure many more. Your safety is important to us. Call for your routine check.

Geothermal & A/C Wiring

Other contractors hire us to do the job correctly. We have the knowledge and the right tools to finish your job correctly. All of our work is up to local and state codes.

No Job Too Small

Our service department is trained for all types of electrical service work. Service is our business. Call us today to find out how our flat rate pricing is the smart way to do service. No more guessing how much the repairs are going to cost.

5-Year Extended Warranties

Generator Services We Provide:

Sales & Installations:
Installations from start to finish. Each job is customized to your home needs and lifestyle. We know that one size does not fit all.

Yearly Maintenance Plans:
Designed with you in mind. Discounted service calls and repairs.You don't call us we will send you the reminder when the yearly service is due.

"GenReady" Panels:
Replace your existing electrical service panel with a Generac "GenReady" panel. Even if you're not ready to get that new generator installed the "GenReady" electrical service panel is "Plug & Play" ready when you are!

Parts Counter:
Oil change & tune up kits, along with other common needed parts for the do-it yourselfer.

After Hours Emergency Service:
Should the unlikely happen with your Generac generator. We are just a phone call away!

Upgrades We Offer:
Cold weather kits. Great for Michigan's winter weather these kits keep the engine crankcase and battery warm to help make sure your automatic standby system starts first time, every time. Call us for a quote before the hard winter winds start to blow!

Call Us Today at 800-445-4328 for your FREE no obligation quote on your new standby generator!

Think Solar is Not For You?

Solar is not for everyone, period. However if you consider how much electricity you use over the course of a decade, you will find that it is something that will pay for itself and it continues to "payback" for many years after.


  • Life expectancy is now over 30 years for panels!
  • Panels have never been this efficient in producing electricity!
  • There are many federal, state and local incentives offering rebates.
  • Net metering programs are designed with the home user in mind to offset some or all your utility costs.
  • Solar Electric is one of the most maintenance free "appliances" for your home
  • Snow on panels normally will melt off fairly rapidly.
  • Today's modern solar P.V. system does not require backup batteries.

Want more information on solar? Call our office today at 800-445-4328 and arrange for a quote for your new Solar Electric system.

Most panel systems can be installed in just a couple of days.